mobileX for Executives

mobileX for Executives is the full version of our mobileX software. It is a desktop application which contains many features designed specifically to assist one or more staff members to plan, track and organise the executive's diary.

Correspondence Management

mobileX manages all the correspondence related to an appointment or event. The system stores each piece of correspondence related to the event, from the original invitation, to acceptance letters, information requests, and any other correspondence. Correspondence can be created directly from the appointment or event, mobileX's integration with Microsoft® Word pre-fills customised correspondence templates with information already stored in the appointment.

Invitation Management

mobileX stores invitations with the appointment or event. Invitations can be scanned in directly with a single button, or electronic invitations can be added directly from an inbox. This eliminates the need to store invitations outside the diary system for reference.


mobileX can stores as much or as little information about an appointment as needed. Simple appointments may have just a date, time and brief description. Important events can also have:

  • Detailed notes.
  • Attachments - such as a speech or directions.
  • Running sheets - detailing the order of proceedings.
  • Attendees - a list of who else is attending.
  • RSVP information.
  • Responsible officer - the staff member responsible for the event.
  • Accompanied by - staff accompanying the executive.
  • Dress rules.
  • Classification - for reporting on how the executive's time is spent.
  • Invitation - the received invitation.
  • Correspondence - all correspondence related to the event.
  • Advice - received from advisers about the event.
  • Comments - by the executive and their staff about the event.
  • and more...

Entry Status

mobileX introduces a number of statuses to assist in the planning of an executive's schedule. Each office can choose to use these statuses in a different manner, or to not use some altogether. The statuses are:

  • New - New invitations or events which the executive may or may not attend.
  • Planned - An event the executive is planning to attend.
  • Accepted - A confirmed event, the executive will be attending.
  • Complete/NFA - No further action will be taken with this invitation.
  • Cancelled - The executive will not be attending. This status replaces deleted appointments, allowing the executive and their staff to see what events they choose not to attend as well as those that they did.


mobileX integrates with a number of other systems such as:

  • Microsoft Word® - to create correspondence and mail merge documents..
  • Document and Card Scanners - to scan an invitation, business card or other document.
  • Google Maps® - to display maps and directions between appointments.
  • Microsoft Exchange® - to connect to an executive's existing calendar.
  • IBM Lotus Domino® - to connect to an executive's existing calendar.


mobileX uses customised print templates to print the calendar or forward program exactly as required by the executive. How the information is displayed and what types of appointments are printed can all be controlled by the template or chosen on the fly. Rather than printing directly to the printer the output is opened in Microsoft Word® so that it can be manually adjusted further if it need to be.

Contact Management

mobileX has it's own contact mangement system. Each appointment or event can store details for the primary contact for that event as well as contact details for attendees of the event. The details for these contacts can be stored in the mobileX contact system so that they do not need to be retyped for multiple appointments or events.

Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for a Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Avoid Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister